Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Diamond Anniversary

In Greek, diamond means “unconquerable”. Formed under tremendous heat and pressure, it is no wonder that a diamond symbolizes strength. Diamonds are also synonymous with the 75th Year Anniversary - a milestone for relationships and a landmark event in pop culture.

It was 1935 and America was still going through the Great Depression while the rest of the world felt the uneasiness with Germany’s political activities. But, through all these tribulations, people found solace and comfort in pop culture. Movies in particular offered an escape to another world, free of despair and social upheaval.

Popular entertainers of the time included innocent Shirley Temple, rugged and daring Clark Gable, extravagant Mae West, debonair Bing Crosby, and America’s Sweethearts Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers. The top five films were “Mutiny on the Bounty”, “Top Hat”, “Bride of Frankenstein”, “Captain Blood”, and “David Copperfield”. These movies all promised adventure and escape audiences longed for. A new generation of Hollywood stars were also born this year including Lee Meriwether, Julie Andrews and Woody Allen.

1935 was also the year Penguin Books revolutionized publishing by producing the first paperback books. Parker Brothers released the “family-fun” board game Monopoly. Amelia Earhart paved the way for women with dreams of flying solo across the Pacific. And Babe Ruth, one of the greatest heroes in sports, hit his 714th and final home run of his career.

Menagerie Creative is proud to honor two other “diamonds” with recently designed DVD packaging for the 75th Birthday of Elvis Presley and Twentieth Century Fox’s 75 Years of Filmmaking. Fox’s Campaign included branded packaging for double-packs, triple-packs, and quad collections – over 73 packages altogether along with various in-store promotional and POP materials.

The glorious achievements and legendary performances celebrated here validate that strength and passion are key to forging a prosperous career and rewarding life.