Thursday, October 7, 2010

Roll Out the Red Carpet! The Leading Ladies and Men are Here!

Imagine yourself surrounded by America’s most glamorous film stars of The Golden Years of Hollywood. From the seductive presence of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor to the daring bravery of Clark Gable and Cary Grant, you can relive 30 legendary performances in 2 must-have DVD sets – Leading Ladies and Leading Men Collections. And, we’re thrilled to invite you behind the scenes on the making of its package.

This DVD collection was a unique design challenge due to the number of films and performers included. The marketing direction stressed to visually represent each of the 15 movies and every actor on the package’s exterior. Usually that kind of strategy requires typical, and often overused, graphic grid technique. Instead, we imagined a completely different approach – a photo shoot.

Simple right? Flash back 50 years in our Delorean time machine and set up a live photo shoot. Wow – Monroe, Newman, Hepburn, Presley, Welch , Fonda – all in the same room! What stories we would have. As amazing as that would be, we flash back to reality and find designers sifting through hundreds of black & white stills of our beloved actors in their most memorable roles. After searching for the highest quality full body poses and exploring various perspectives, we discovered just the right combination – and voila! Quiet on the set. Actors in their position. The package is born.

October 5, 2010 marked the date these collections hit stores & online retailers. It’s a thrill to share that both collections were sold out on on that very same day.

Now, audiences of all generations can experience the memorable and moving performances of Hollywood’s Golden Years. And Menagerie Creative is excited to have put you right in the middle of the action!


Larry johnson said...

Great work as usual, thanks for sharing.