Friday, July 1, 2011

The Fearless Creative Spirit

Creative individuals are truly a unique tribe. We speak our own language. We use an infinite number of expressive tools and have a very distinct view of our world. We are also our own worst critic – often frozen with a fear of acceptance and demand to be creative on the spot.

Over the past few years I’ve also learned that most creative people have something else in common – once we do conquer our fears, we rarely settle for one medium of expression. Actors discover a new voice through paint and brush. Designers often find themselves onstage with the band. And some of our culture’s most infamous writers make a surprising appearance on our favorite television series.

In my case, although I have no plans to end up on the big screen, I’ve certainly found inspiration in every other art form. Like many youngsters, I began an appreciation of music by learning to play the piano but by high school I had found my real love for percussion was the drum kit. In college I discovered the beauty of life drawing and painting. As I matured the writing bug bit me more times than I can count. But in all these years of creative exploration I always held a fear for the stage. It was far safer to perform behind a cascade of drums or paint behind an easel, Then just over a year ago, my 10 year old son’s innate talent inspired me to put my fear aside, close my eyes, and just let my heart lead the way on the dance floor. Now, whether it’s the cha-cha, a waltz or a swing he and I share this most amazing world of ballroom dancing together! Below is a photo of our recent swing dance performance as Cruella DeVille and her henchman.

The other blessing this love of dance has brought is the opportunity to collaborate with one of the most heartfelt businesses I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Century Dancesport, led by Eddie Alba, is Southern California’s Premier ballroom dance studio. Their award-winning team of instructors not only excels in the art of dance, but more importantly their sincerity and gentle spirits make each and every student truly feel part of their ever expanding family.

“I wish I had discovered Menagerie Creative sooner,” Eddie shared with me during one of our lessons. “Our business went from ordinary to extraordinary.” (Eddie and I are proud members of the Mutual Admiration Society if you haven’t already realized.) But what truly elevates our relationship goes far beyond the client/agency partnership. It’s both our personal and business’ passion to touch our audience’s hearts, to soar their spirit, and leave them inspired to share that experience with friends and family. Menagerie is thrilled to have helped create a few of those moments through Century Dancesport’s promotions, event posters and studio branding.

So let go of your anxiety. Feel the beat of the music...the grit of the paint...the weight of the pencil...the heat of the lights – let your creative spirit lift you high above fear. As your partner in flight, we’ll be right beside you and I promise the view is amazing!


Larry Johnson said...

Very nice! You amaze me with your energy, curiosity, and dedication. Thanks for sharing this.