Friday, May 21, 2010

Why Designers Deserve Margarita Fridays!

Friday...the single most celebrated day of the week!
To honor it, Menagerie just added a new member to the crew... Señor Margaritaville and he concocts the most delectable and decadent slushies this side of the Mexican border. To all you designers who made it through another week, we salute you with the Top Ten reasons you deserve one too!

1. Just finished designing, proofing and editing a 180-page book.
2. Found out your work is going to be published.
3. Interns are graduating.
4. Take a break from drinking coffee.
5. Margarita goggles help better manage multiple projects.
6. Stop thinking about kerning, rivers, widows, and tangencies and start thinking PMS 376.
7. The right brain is about to go on strike.
8. Two days and 167 comps later the client approves comp 1.
9. The Creative Director just announced everyone is working Saturday.
10. Do designers really need a reason?

Got another reason? We want to here yours!


Anonymous said...

We need more reason to go "woo-hoo"

aevolucion said...

My new job.

stuart said...


When I move into the new place we're gonna have Margarita Fridays for real! Hope you can make it down for one!

Brickface said...

Lime & salt prevent scurvey. Everyone know's it's really hard to design when you've got scurvey

Cheryl Savala said...

Stuart...I'll be there for sure. Let me know if I should bring Señor Margaritaville too!

Cheryl Savala said...

Congrats on that new job Aevolution!
Woo hoo to you!!!